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Joining CWA local 4502 has many benefits.  Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to vote on contracts, leadership and important issues, giving you a true voice in the membership. Only members receive certain benefits like: eligibility in scholarship programs through our District 4 office and the International for your children; money-saving programs through Union Plus (such as home/auto financing, credit cards, rental car and travel discounts, wireless, entertainment); $2,000 in accidental death/disability benefits and more.  Joining will also afford you social and networking opportunities through events and keep you informed through newsletters and other communications.

There is strength in membership. The greater the portion of eligible employees who become full members, the greater our show of strength and solidarity is. Becoming a member tells the City leadership that you feel the union is important and you are willing to take a stand to support Columbus workers.

With so many benefits, why not sign your union card today? Contact us to get an official membership card by calling 614-485-1265 or email. Thanks!

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Did you know there are dozens of discounts and deals available only to union members? Click the logo (left) to visit the Union Plus page to learn more. 

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