Annual Sick Leave Reciprocity
Full-time employees in CWA Local 4502:
Through November 30, 2018, your annual election for the Sick Leave Reciprocity (SLR) must be made via the E-paystub siteAfter 11/30, the site will be 'view’ only.

Sick Leave Pay Back Reminder
CWA employees are given 80 hours sick leave per year. If you leave city employment prior to the end of the year, you are required to pay back any sick time you’ve taken, at 6.67 hours per month, for any remaining months of the year. Please refer to the CWA Contract, Article 13, Section 13.1E.

Union Members Pack "Right to Work" Hearing at the Statehouse
Statehouse News Bureau article 11/13/18. Labor packed the Ohio Statehouse hearing room in opposition to this proposed bill (see our own CWA'ers front and center). More on our FB page.

View our current contract : Also found using the top Contract/Resources tab. Hard copies are now available upon request as well.